21 December 2007

The Palm is Dead, Long Live the Palm

There's a lot of "Palms" in my life right now but unfortunately not a lot of palm trees.

My beloved Palm Pilot, a facsimile pictured here, (a Zire 71, if you're techified) finally could no longer sync up correctly with my new laptop after four years of faithful service. It was hard dealing with the reality. I tried to fix it. I tried to help it limp along. I consulted experts. I downloaded patch programs. But, alas, reviving it to it's youthful vigor was not to be.

I have to admit I was getting a little panicky. At first, I thought, lots of people get by without a planner, I can, too. But the withdrawal got worse and worse and I was fearful of losing track of so much that I thought I needed to keep track of. Sigh. I guess Buddhists would have a problem with this level of attachment. But, hey, I'm working here. I need to keep track of appointments and when tasks were completed and ...well, you know. I have... needs.

So I trucked on down to the Sprint store last night and eyeballed the options and pushed buttons and, in the end, I chose another Palm. A Centro. It's a smart phone/device. In red, because I am in my red phase. (Oh, yes, it's true.) It and I are getting acquainted and it has WAY more capacity and capability than my old model. So much so that it's a bit overwhelming. I am working my way through the various kewl bits. I am beginning to think it has WAY more capacity and capability than me!

And, to keep with the Palm theme, it so happens that we have an opportunity to check out The Palm restaurant next week. So, stay tuned. I'll try to manage a review and maybe even a photo (on my new Palm) if I can manage it without displaying my true tacky nature.

Happy holidays! Wishing you all that's good right in the palm of your hand!


Dezel said...

Hello Lacochran,

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – Happy Sipping my friend!

lacochran said...

Hello Dezel,

Happy holidays to you! I hope you are well and enjoying some fine wine with dear friends!