25 September 2006

The blur of the weekend (Michael Moore, Capitol City Brewery, H Street Festival, Veridian)

Saw "Bowling for Columbine" for the first time (yeah, yeah, I'm a little behind the times). I don't disagree with anything Michael Moore showed/said from a philosophical point of view but I can see why he makes so many enemies on the right. He's as subtle as a jackhammer. The older I get, the more I value presenting an argument in a way that honors both sides and still makes your point.

Capitol City Brewery is always a nice way to go. Excellent pretzels and horsradish dipping sauce, an okay hummus plate (what it lacked in umph it made up for in volume) and excellent beer.

H Street Festival was nice, if small. The people were very friendly and there's a martini bar down there with an excellent selection and more friendly people (somewhere on H St NE between 12th and 14th) that was offering 2 for 1 coupons. Yum!

Went with friends to Veridian for dinner Sunday. Food was quite good but not extraordinary. Two vegetarian options were tasty. Prices were up there. We opted not to pay $10 for the pleasure of parking in the restaurant's lot. We parked on the street for nothing. Service was pleasant but not totally knowledgable (we asked questions about wines and the server knew some of the wines but others he wasn't clear on.) Ambiance was okay--large space with black and pale tan furnishings. Interesting art on display. Overall, I'd give it a 21/30.

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